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The Department of Emergency Management is the government department responsible for the development and implementation of the Emergency Management Programme in Barbados. It has the responsibility for coordinating emergency management activities in Barbados.

Our Mission

To develop, promote and maintain a comprehensive National Disaster Management Programme which will: Educate all citizens about the various elements of Disaster Management. Create appropriate mechanisms which will promote and advance Disaster Management activities at all levels of the society. Promote and institutionalize the practice of appropriate preventative and mitigation measure for all possible hazards. Promote the development and maintenance of effective warning, response and recovery plans for all sectors of the society.

International Association of Lions Clubs of Barbados Annual Heath Fair 2012
As a part of our continued Public Education/ Awareness campaign, the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) recently participated in the International Association of Lions Clubs of Barbados Annual Heath Fair. ....Read More
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